Podcast Episode 02: All the pink yarn

I’m really sorry I took a somehow involuntary break from blogging (and knitting in general), because I was in the last sprint before my PhD Thesis Deposit. It basically meant I spent one month finishing writing and editing my PhD Thesis, and it’s now at the university… The only thing left to obtain my Doctorship is to defend it next 17th of June!

So to get back on track, today I leave you the second episode of my knitting podcast!

Although the show notes are also on my Ravelry Group, I leave them here too for those of you who are not on Ravelry:

Finished object:

I am wearing my Kaipuu Shawl, by Tiina Huhtaniemi. You can check out my project page to learn about all the notes and modifications I made to the pattern. When talking about this shawl, I said that I had some Papiput Sock Yarn leftovers, guessing at 20-30g, in the Permen colourway… I weighed it and there are 29g left! If you have any suggestions regarding what to do with such little amount of yarn, they will be more than welcome!

What’s on my needles:

Chevron baby blanket by Espace Tricot.

My first socks, without a specific pattern, just some general instructions for sock knitting. With these, I joined the #penpalsockkal hosted by Ani (@close_knit) and Kate (@tracingthreads), also known as the #worldsslowestkal. I purchased this yarn at my LYS back home, Eskulanen Etxea, that can also be found on Instagram here.

Stash enhancements:

Papiput Sock Yarn in colourways Dust & Smoke, Arang and Smoke Haze. Hand dyed by Amelia Putri and here’s her Etsy Shop.

To go with Papiput Yarn Smoke Haze, I took the opportunity to try Greta and the Fibers Premium Sock Chalky, in colourway 733. This was purchased in my LYS in Barcelona, All You Knit is Love, on Instagram here.

And I also talk about all the amazing (pink) yarn I won on a giveaway by We Love Knitting on Instagram! I am thinking about making a couple of baby blankets with them, but if you have other ideas… I’d love to hear them!

Happy knitting and thanks for watching!

Erika (LoareKnits)




A few months ago I dropped the question on Instagram: should I start a blog about my knitting adventures? A few of my followers were so very supportive and I had had the idea in the back of my head for a while then… But starting it towards the end of my PhD didn’t really sound like the best plan. If I were to keep a blog alive, it would require a lot of effort, and time. So much time.

Now, I could ramble for a while about how little time I have and how rusty my writing skills are, but no-one suggested those as the possible topics for my blog. Instead, these were the things they would be expecting to find here:

  1. Tutorials
  2. Yarn/tools reviews
  3. Works in progress
  4. Inspiration
  5. My experience

Basically, anything yarn-related, which is what I want this blog to be. I am constantly learning and discovering new things about yarn and knitting. And I thought this would be a great place to share this passion. If you like all things yarn, then I hope you join me for this journey… So, be welcome!

Here you’ll find all the things mentioned above… and more! I am also planning on doing some interviews to my favourite Instagrammers, so that you can get to know them better. Some of the tutorials will be on video too. And who knows? I may be even thinking of posting my progress video-podcast style! If you have any other suggestions as to what you want to see here, please leave a comment below. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Erika (LoareKnits)

Hace unos meses preguntaba en Instagram si debería empezar un blog sobre mis aventuras tejeriles. Algunos de mis seguidores me ofrecieron todo su apoyo y yo ya tenía la idea rondándome la cabeza desde hacía algún tiempo. Pero empezarlo ahora que mi doctorado estaba a punto de terminar no era el mejor plan. Si quería mantener el blog con vida iba a necesitar mucho esfuerzo y tiempo. Mucho tiempo.

Ahora, podría divagar acerca de el poco tiempo que tengo y cómo de oxidada está mi capacidad de escritura, pero esos no fueron los temas que me sugirieron para el blog. En su lugar, éstas son las cosas que esperarían encontrar aquí:

  1. Tutoriales
  2. “Reviews” sobre lanas y herramientas
  3. Proyectos en marcha
  4. Inspiración
  5. Y mi experiencia en general

Básicamente, cualquier cosa relacionada con las lanas, que es de lo que quiero que vaya este blog. Constantemente estoy aprendiendo y descubriendo nuevas cosas acerca de la lana y del tejer. Y he pensado que este sería un lugar genial para compartir esta pasión. Si te gusta todo lo que tiene que ver con las lanas, entonces espero que te unas a mi viaje… Así que ¡sé bienvenido/a!

Aquí encontrarás todas esas cosas… ¡y más! También estoy planeando hacer algunas entrevistas a mis “Instagramers” preferidos/as, para que podáis conocerlos mejor. Algunos de los tutoriales serán en formato vídeo. Y ¿quién sabe? ¡Tal vez incluso esté pensando publicar mis progresos en formato vídeo-podcast! Si tienes cualquier sugerencia acerca de lo que quieres ver aquí, por favor no dudes en dejar un comentario. ¡Cualquier recomendación será bienvenida!

¡Gracias por leerme!

Erika (LoareKnits)