Swapetines II

(English below)


Vuelve a ser viernes de Swapetines y yo ya no aguanto más… ¡Tengo que enseñaros los colores y el patrón que he elegido! Me imagino que el patrón ya lo habéis deducido, ya que era difícil de ocultar, pero los colores… Os he dado pistas y ¡muchos habéis acertado! Como diría mi amiga Marga, de Greta and the Fibers, son colores muy “floreta”… Y precisamente he elegido dos de sus lanas para tejer tus calcetines, querido/a sorprendido/a. Como color principal he elegido el 314 Lilas (de mis amores, si tuviese que elegir un sólo color de Gretas, cosa que no me gustaría porque me encantan prácticamente todos, casi seguro que sería este). Y como color de contraste… ¡chispas! Aquí me la he jugado un poco, porque no estoy completamente segura de que te gusten, pero no me he podido resistir y espero que te acaben encantando tanto como a mí.



El patrón que he elegido finalmente es My Cup of Tea Socks, de Robin Lynn.


¿Qué te parecen? ¿He acertado? ¿O después de verlos me descartas completamente como tu sorprendedora? ¿Te los imaginas en tus pies? Yo tengo serias tentaciones de quedármelos…

It’s another Swapetines Friday, and I can’t keep the secret anymore… I need to show you the colours and pattern I’ve chosen! I imagine you have guessed the pattern already, as irt was difficult to hide, but the colours… I’ve given you certain hints, and some of you have guessed correctly! As my friend Marga from  Greta and the Fibers, would say, they’re very “little flower” colours (which so happens to be the nickname she gave me)… And I precisely chose two of her colourways for your socks, my dear giftee! I’ve chosen 314 Lilas as the main colour (my dear 314, if I had to choose only one Greta and the Fibers colourway, which I wouldn’t want to do, as I love almost all of them, I’m quite sure it would be this one). And for the contrast colour… speckles! I’ve risked it a bit here, as I’m not completely sure you love speckles, but I couldn’t resist and I hope you end up liking them as much as I do.

The pattern I’ve chosen finally is My Cup of Tea Socks, by Robin Lynn.

So, what do you think? Have I made the right decisions? Or after seeing them, you discard me completely as your Secret Sock Santa? Do you picture them in your feet? I am seriously tempted to keep them…



January – of new beginnings and old resolutions

It’s been almost a year since I updated this small site of mine. I haven’t recorded an episode in all this time, and for the time being I don’t think I’ll be recording one in the near future. For now, I’m going to try to revive this blog.

Instead of doing long posts that take forever to prepare and edit, I’m going to switch things up a bit and do smaller posts, more often. Ah, the frequency – that’s what kills me!

So today, I’ll just leave you my resolutions for 2018 with regards to knitting:

  • Knit more monogamously

I’ve discovered that by devoting all my effort and knitting time to one project, not only I finish it more quickly (that comes without saying), but I also actually FINISH it. I have a big pile of WIPs (Works In Progress) that I’ll dare to show you one day. Some I love to bits, some I fell out of love with. But the biggest problem is that if I stop knitting on them for whatever the reason… It takes me forever to pick them up again. So, to stop enlarging my WIP pile, one objective I’ve set to is to knit more monogamously and finish my pieces (Note to self: yes, that means weaving in ends and all).

Which leads to resolution number 2:

  • Finish all most WIPs and UFOs

If this needs to be an achieveable resolution, I need to be realistic and acknowledge that I won’t finish the 10? WIPs that I have around the house. I even joined a Raverly Group to lessen that list… But life got in the way. You know how it goes. I’m sure there are another couple that never made it into my Ravelry projects. My goal is to finish at least 3 and unravel another 3 by the end of the year. I think that’s quite achieveable.

  • Knit more garments and less accessories (except for socks)

I want 2018 to be the year I invest on my handmade wardrobe. I have enough shawls, hats and mitts to have on rotation. I end up using the same set for weeks. But I want to knit more sweaters and cardigans. I’m still looking for the best fit for my shape (or best shape for my fit?) and one thing I have noticed (having mostly knit DK weight sweaters) is that I need to try knitting a fingering weight pullover or cardigan. I fill they might look less bulky on me. We’ll see how it goes.

DSC_7523 (2)

  • Knit more socks (no HOs)

Let’s be honest, I don’t need hand knit socks where I live. It’s never that cold. But I love hand knit socks. So I need more in my life. Problem? I have a few partner-less socks aroud. Very few are finished. I recently discovered my favourite way of knitting socks and avoiding SSS (Second Sock Syndrome): knitting them two at a time, toe up, with a German Short Row heel and a super stretchy bind off. Pure bliss. I now need to knit more socks this way. Plus… I have an embarrasingly big sock yarn stash. I dream of a box of socks or a sock drawer. That won’t happen this year, and I don’t have a specific goal of socks to knit, but I’d love to build up on that.

DSC_6047 (2)

  • And the everlasting resolution of knitting more from stash

You see a skein of yarn. You fall in love with it. You buy it with no specific project in mind. It goes into your #yarnshrine. You photograph it. You dream about it. You think of all the possibilities. But you NEVER ACTUALLY KNIT ANYTHING WITH IT. My stash can grow no more. I’ll be kicked out of the house if it does. So I’ll be buying more consciously this year. I’ll still buy yarn and if I really really love a skein that I don’t *need*, I’ll still buy it. But I won’t overbuy. First, I’ll try to shop my stash. I know I won’t regret knitting those precious skeins, even if I will miss them as hanks a bit.

DSC_7265 (2)

Soon, I’ll share more on a project that fulfilled many of these resolutions: it was knit from yarn that I had in my stash, it’s a pullover, and it was actually finished (ends woven in and all) in two weeks!

DSC_7267 (2)

I almost forget the perpetual quest of my photographic style. But I think that is a matter for a whole other entry in this blog, don’t you? I shouldn’t overload this comeback with excitement.

I hope you had a wonderful beginning of 2018 and that you have had time to reflect on those resolutions you set after the month of January is almost over. Do you set yourself New Year Resolutions? And most importantly… Do you fulfill them?

Empiezo el año queriendo dar vida a este rincón, sintiendo que grabar podcasts no es lo que me pide el cuerpo ahora mismo. Un resumen de la entrada en inglés, en la que hablo de mis propósitos tejeriles para este año que ha empezado:

  1. Tejer más monógamamente. Dedicar todo mi tiempo y esfuerzo a un solo proyecto, para no sólo hacerlo en menos tiempo sino que definitivamente lo acabe (sí, eso significa rematar todos los hilos también).
  2. Disminuir mi pila de proyectos tejeriles a medias e inacabados. Me he propuesto rescatar al menos 3 y acabarlos y deshacer los 3 con los que menos contenta estoy (tengo más de 10, seguro, algún día os hablaré más de ellos). No es un objetivo difícil para un año entero, ¿no? ¡Ya veremos!
  3. Tejer más jerseys y chaquetas y menos accesorios. Ya tengo demasiados suficientes gorros, chales y mitones. Ahora toca llenar mi armario de grandes prendas de lana.
  4. Pero no entran en mi categoría de accesorios los calcetines. Este año quiero tejer más calcetines aunque para el clima cálido de Barcelona no los necesite. Los quiero. Sueño con una caja de calcetines tejidos a mano. Y quien dice una caja dice un cajón.
  5. Y el eterno propósito de tejer de “stash”. Hola, mi nombre es Erika y tengo un alijo de lanas preocupante. No me importa. No voy a dejar de comprar lanas. Pero al menos las voy a comprar más conscientemente. Y quiero tejer algunas de esas preciosas madejas que he ido acumulando. Se lo merecen.

También menciono la búsqueda interminable de mi estilo fotográfico. Pero eso da para otra entrada y no quiero saturar. Así como de un proyecto que cumple con muchos de estos propósitos: es un jersey, tejido con lana de mi alijo, y empezado y terminado (sí señoras y señores, con todos los hilos rematados) en nada más y nada menos que ¡dos semanas! Pero eso, queridos y queridas, es material para otra entrada…

Espero que hayáis tenido un buen inicio de año y tiempo para pensar sobre vuestros propósitos. ¿Sois de los que hacéis propósitos con la llegada de un nuevo año? Y lo más importante… ¿Los cumplís y hacéis balance?