About me

IMG_20160202_083620Hello stranger! My name is Erika. I was born in the beautiful Basque Country, but I am currently living in Barcelona. I am a PhD student by day and an avid knitter (and sometimes crocheter too) by night… and during my commuting time. Knitting is helping me get through the stress of the last stages of my PhD in Biomedicine – it really is my meditation! This blog is about my knitting adventures… Here you’ll find all things yarn-related, so if you are a yarn-lover like me, be welcome and I hope you enjoy all the bits and tips! Thanks for passing by!


3 thoughts on “About me

    1. ¡Gracias por pasarte y por los ánimos David! Aún tengo que ponerme al día con la blogosfera… Pero todo el ánimo se agradece. Si te interesa tal vez algún día te pueda hacer una “entrevista”, que es una de las cosas que me gustaría publicar. Pero cuando vaya tomando forma ya iremos hablando 😉


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