Podcast Episode 08: The Long One

Well, it’s clear that I can’t take so long to record a Podcast episode, because this one took longer than one hour and since YouTube isn’t allowing videos that long… I had to split it in two. The first part covers the finished objects and works in progress and the second part is talk about stash.

Here are both videos:

And here are the show notes:

Finished objects

  • Hats for my little cousins: five of them were knit using the Herringbone Hat pattern by Anne Mizoguchi (whose name I’m pretty sure I pronounced wrongly, so sorry about that). For the Ear Flap Toddler Hat, I didn’t follow any specific pattern and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

I don’t think I mentioned it in the video, but all 6 hats were knit in Drops Merino Extra Fine.

  • (half object) Moroccan Sock(s)! Without following any specific pattern, just basic instructions for top-down socks with a classic heel flap, in limited edition yarn by Greta and the Fibers. Heels and toes in contrast colour with a mini by  Soc Una Troca.


Here you can see the lovely valisette that my friend Marga (who owns Greta and the Fibers) sewed for me! (Thank you!)

“WOODS – making stories is a new knitting book that we created fueled by our desire to share our passion for local, breed-specific European yarns and modern minimalistic knitwear design.

We’ve teamed up with amazing designers and European yarn companies as well as a team of wonderful makers on this journey to create a book that shines a spotlight on sustainable, local yarns, celebrates new and established designers, and shares tons of knitting knowledge.”

WOODS is a lovely project about to be brought to life by Verena Cohrs, knitwear designer and nature lover, and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, business coach and owner of two handmade labels. Read more about them and the wonderful publication in the crowdfunding page. Spread the word and help them reach their goal! I’ll be supporting them shortly!

I’ll also be testing one of the final patterns of the book, the Black Forest Cardigan also designed by Verena, in the amazing De Rerum Natura Cyrano, in the colourway Granit.

Works in progress

  • Woodland Tales Mittens by Mandarine’s in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.
  • Baby Bunny Romper from a Spanish knitting magazine, where the pattern had a mistake and I needed to rip back and adapt it. I’m knitting it in Drops Baby Merino on my new 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm Hiya Hiya sharp needles, purchased at Fil&Tropia.
  • Stripey Socks to Gift in Schachenmayr’s Regia Pairfect colourway 07111 (cinamon) also purchased at Fil&Tropia.


I’m knitting these as part of the Stripey Socks KAL organised by Candace of the Pinfeathers and Purls Podcast, which started February 14th and runs until March 31st! Watch me excitedly talk about all the progress I made in less than a week!

Stash enhancements

Oh, the stash enhancements… They take up the second part of the podcast episode! So if you want to hear me talk about gorgeous yarn you can skip directly to Ep08-2!

Let me see if I can list them in order of appearance:



  • Malabrigo Sock purchased at Picknit Shop in the colourways Ochre, Reflecting Pool and Cereza and Malabrigo Worsted purchased at Fil&Tropia in the colourway Applewood.


(the blue skein in the middle is the Manos del Urugay Silk Blend that I’m knitting the Woodland Tales Mittens with, purchased at Lalanalú)

  • Republic of Wool, Twist Fingering Base in the Grand Budapest Colourway (I got it in a swap, thank you Laura and Ferran and Michele for making it possible!)



And a big special thank you for the yarn that I won in two giveaways. I’m head over heels in love with them.

  • Not one, nor two, but THREE skeins of Circus Tonic Handmade: Jubilee Sock Base in the colourway Lagunaria patersonius (pink), and Revelry Sock Base in the colourways Thelymitra simulata (blue) and Acacia Buxifolia (yellow).




So this is the current status of my yarn stash cabinet:


Thank you so much for watching and for stopping by! Please do not hesitate to ask if you’ve got any questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

Happy knitting!

Erika (LoareKnits)


3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 08: The Long One

  1. HI dear Loare, tnis is the first time I have watched your podcast. it’s calming and soft and that’s a nice thing in this crazy world. There is something I wanted to mention. I anticipated seeing some projects but you opened by saying there were so many you could not show us. I think it’s best not to mention them at all rather than lead in and then say you can’t show us. Show us what you HAVE done, not what you haven’t done 🙂 And the other thing is you keep using the word if it IS a word, “UM” so much that it becomes a disruption to what you are telling us. it’s a common mistake but often, podcasters don’t realise it and once they start doing it, that’s how they continue. I am writing an article for a magazine on Podscasting and podcasters. I tell my friends who podcast that if there is a word or phrase they KNOW they are repeating in all the wrong places and padding out their podcast, to put it on a postit note on their camera to REMIND them…it works, you should try it. (eg. the first four mintues of your podcast, and I haven’t included them all , went something like this:

    Um but I’m happy to be able to record one um…
    Thanks for joining this podcast about knitting um..
    Um..so have I been knitting…um…
    It’s a shawl that I love um…
    I really enjoy um test-knitting for her
    That’s one of the things I can’t show you um…
    I knit 5 of these patterns that I talk about later um.
    I will leave it written on the notes um…

    Just take a pause and a breath rather than saying UM. it will make a huge difference to the podcast for listeners. You are very kind to knit so many things for your family back home .I’m sure they’ll appreciate them as it’s so cold where they are. i’m off to watch part 2 so have a great day..Linda



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