Podcast Episode 06: Let’s Knit Along!

A new Podcast Episode is up… and with a wonderful announcement! I’ve paired with three awesome ladies to organise a knit-along for a lightweight shawl, perfect for spring or autumn, starting next September 12th. But more on that below…

Here’s the video:

And here are the show notes, that can also be found on my Ravelry Group.

Finished objects:


  • Woodsy Hat, a test knit for Mandarine’s in Clover by Oceanbythesea, hand-dyed with madder. I will try to make a post just for this finished object once the pattern is released, which will be anytime soon. Keep an eye out!

DSC_1041 (2)

Works in progress:



Stash enhancement:

  • Drops Alpaca in colourway 0607 (Light Brown) for a secret test knit!


And I also announced the knitalong (KAL) I have been organising for a few weeks now! Here’s the Chatter Thread on my Raverly Group and here are the details:


The Margaretha Shawl, a gorgeous pattern by Helene Zechner. It’s a lightweight triangular shawl, inspired by her grandmother’s garden full of flowers. You can imagine why I fell in love with it. I will be knitting it in Oceanbythesea‘s Clover, hand-dyed with madder, but you can knit it in any yarn of your choice. It’s designed and mostly knit on light fingering weight yarn, but some projects feature classic fingering weight yarn and it’s still under 100g, so this is a one-skein project.

There will be a 20% discount code for purchasing the pattern from today until the KAL lasts, which will be: MARGARETHAKAL. We will be using the hashtag #margarethaKAL so you can start sharing the yarn you’re planning to use on Instagram!


Starting September 12th, until October 31st, with a possible extension.


Yes, there will be prizes! Many prizes! I still have not decided whether there will be separate prizes on the chatter thread or in the FO thread… But for now, here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Pattern Prize: Zinshaus Socks by Helene Zechner.
  • Yarn Prize: one skein of yarn hand-dyed by Oceanbythesea, base and colourway still to be discovered!
  • Project Bag Prize: Eva (CountryMaison, who by the way just started podcasting too! you go, girl!) will be donating a project bag from her Etsy Shop.
  • Stitch Markers Prize: and I will be making a small stitch marker / progress keeper set, Christmas-themed.

I hope you’re excited as I am (as we are) for this KAL and join to knit it with us… What do you have to do to join?

Simply go to my Ravelry Group page, join, and comment in the Chatter Thread that you’re in! You can show us what yarn you’re planning or would like to use and tell us a bit about yourself. Objects finished by the (extensible) deadline will be elegible for the big prizes, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out for the chatter thread, so even if you’re not able to finish it on time, you might still be eligible to win a prize!

Thanks for watching! Happy Knitting!


Damapatch Circular Needles


Yesterday midday a package arrived while I was in the lab. I usually keep proper track of all the things that I order online, but sometimes one or another slips my mind and then I get surprised when it reaches my hands. Yesterday, however, was not one of those days. I was completely sure I wasn’t awaiting any more packages… So it came as a total surprise. As soon as I opened it, I recognised the logo of one of my LYSs (Local Yarn Shops – Lalanalú). I opened it, and to my surprise, there were two sets of circular needles, with the cutest flower-y print.

Inside there was a note from Amaia (one of my new knitting friends): “So that you only use the straight ones for skewing meat”.

***I went over the moon and came back***

I had fallen in love with these needles when she first showed them to me. However, at the time, there were none left at the shop (only the straight ones, that she hates and thinks that are only useful for sticking into meat or for killing vampires). But the lovely ladies at the shop told me to send them an e-mail and that they would inform me as soon as they restocked them, because they were planning to. I visited the shop before the holiday break and had the oportunity to chat with Eva, one of the co-owners… The needles were still not in store, but we had the loveliest chat and came home with some wonderful yarn that I already showed to you a few posts back.

Anyway, I patiently waited for their e-mail saying that the needles were ready for me to get… But it didn’t arrive. The shop opened back at the begining of the week, but I didn’t want to be a pain in the *ss, so I patiently waited some more. And did it pay off!


Apparently, many of the knitting friends that share a group of Whatsapp knew about the little trick Amaia was preparing and with a little bit of help from here and there she was able to get my address and have the needles shipped to my work… How cool is that? Thank you all, you are an amazing bunch and I hope I already said it enough times, how happy I am to have met you and be part of your lives.

Anyway, the post is turning to be a bit longer than I had planned. But all this was to say that I am going to talk about these needles, that I got as a gift from a dear friend, but I was planning on purchasing them for myself anyway. So this post is a personal one and is in no way sponsored by Damapatch Barcelona or Lalanalú. This is just an story of some knitting friends brightening each others’ lives.

And I decided to make this “little” post, because SO MANY of you were inquiring about these needles on Instagram… So here’s a bit more on them:


These are 3.5mm interchangeable needles from DamaPatch Barcelona, from the Spring Collection. I haven’t been able to find an online store for them, because I think they are just stockists. They are lightweight but sturdy, made of chromed aluminum.

Mine came from Lalanalú, where at the time of writing this post, only the 4mm ones can be found in their online store. You can contact them about stocking other needle sizes if you’re interested BUT I’m afraid they don’t ship internationally. Too sad, I know! However, if you live in the Barcelona area, I highly recommend paying them a visit, because they carry some gorgeous yarn and have a cosy knitting area. Plus, they’re the sweetest to talk to!

The 3.5mm ones, pictured above, are the “pink” version, with burgundy, pink and light blue-coloured flowers. But I also got 4mm ones in the “blue” version, with navy, blue and ochre:


They are so cute… And they’re functional too! Let’s get over the swooning and be honest here, with a bit more of a serious review: I would not recommend them for lace knitting, since they’re not really pointy and they yarn slides off really well on them. I’d say they’re in between bamboo and metal needles in slippery-ness. Also, it might be just that I’m getting used to them, but they’re a bit distracting, so I think they work best for plain stockinette or garter knitting, because it’s not the easiest to see the yarn with the flower-y pattern. Still, there’s no denying that they’re beautiful and they sure raised a lot of “likes”, “oooh”s and “aaah”s, and interest overall on Instagram. They’re really solid and nice in the hands, they’re compatible with KnitPro cables and I’m in love with them, just in case you couldn’t tell already.

And what is that gorgeous knit that you’ve been spotting in all the pictures, you might ask? Well, it’s one of the (three) test knits that I’m currently working on. The other two are secret, so no pictures until they’re released. This one here will be The Alana Tank by Born and Raised. I’m knitting it using Drops Belle, a wonderful mix of cotton, viscose and linen, perfect for a summery tank top in my humble opinion.


And that’s it for today! What’s your favourite knitting needles? Do you own any knitting accesory that you were attracted to because of its aesthetics, rather than its functionality, at first sight? Did it turn out useful?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to talk about any of the things mentioned in this post. Not the needles, the yarn shop, the pattern, nor the yarn displayed. This post is not sponsored by anyone. I came accross these needles by a friend that gifted them to me, but I would have purchased them myself had I came across them before! This is just me giving my honest opinion about some yarn-y things. I am test knitting this pattern because it’s one of my favourite things to do (more on that on another post if you’re interested, maybe?) and I chose that yarn because I think it was a good fit for it!

Erika (LoareKnits)

Hoy escribo acerca estas agujas sobre las cuales muchos me habéis preguntado en Instagram. Me enamoré de ellas cuando me las enseñó una amiga (Amaia), y no se le ocurrió otra cosa que tramar con el resto de Puntópatas, para poder hacérmelas llegar como un regalo. Mila esker berriro, Amaia. Y a tod@s los Puntópatas que de alguna manera habéis formado parte de esta sorpresa. Ayer me llegaron al laboratorio junto con un mensaje que decía: “¡Para que uses las rectas sólo para pinchar carne!”. De aquí en adelante, ya no tengo excusa. Son unas agujas de aluminio cromado de DamaPatch Barcelona, con un diseño de florecillas. Vienen desde Lalanalú, una preciosa tienda/taller de lanas de Barcelona (la cual si no habéis visitado, os la recomiendo, ya que no sólo tienen lanas preciosas y accesorios de lo más molones, para muestra un botón -o unas agujas-, sino que las chicas que la llevan son además un amor). En el momento en el que se publica este post, en la tienda on-line sólo tienen las de 4mm disponibles, pero podéis poneros en contacto con ellas para preguntar por otros tamaños. Que son una preciosidad salta a la vista, pero es que además son funcionales. Son ligeras pero sólidas, y la lana desliza muy bien sobre ellas. No las recomendaría para tejer calados o puntos complicados, ya que no tienen mucha punta y el diseño puede distraer un poco para poder ver bien la lana, pero por lo demás son perfectas. Muy cómodas y preciosas. El tejido que se ve de fondo es un “test knit”, algo que me encanta hacer (y tal vez escriba sobre ello en próximos posts si os apetece?).

Y pregunto: ¿Cuáles son vuestras agujas de tejer preferidas? ¿Tenéis algún accesorio tejeril del que os enamorasteis por su estética más que por su funcionalidad, a primera vista? ¿Resultó práctico, o fue puro “postureo”?

Nota: No me han pagado para que hable de nada de lo que he mencionado en este post. Ni las agujas, la tienda de lanas, el patrón que estoy testando o la lana que estoy utilizando. Las agujas las recibí como un regalo pero las hubiese comprado si hubiesen estado en la tienda el día que la visité (y estaba pendiente de que llegaran para pedirlas online!). Simplemente he dado mi opinión acerca de algunas cosas. Ya he mencionado que testar patrones me encanta y si he elegido esta lana es porque me parece muy apropiada para el patrón en concreto.