3 years later…

3 years and almost a month have passed since my last post here. And I don’t even know when to begin. Do I make a summary of these 3 years that went by? That seems somehow an unattainable task. At least I don’t think it’s something that can be packed in a blog post. Nevertheless, this blog has been very closely linked to my knitting journey, and I feel there have been some changes worth mentioning. First, I stopped podcasting. It took too much time to record, edit and upload the videos, and somehow didn’t feel as comfortable as I used to in front of the camera. I did record one more session earlier this year (or was it end of last year? – track of time is a mess these troublesome days) but never found the time or courage to look at it, edit and upload it. So there’s that.

A lot of knitting happened, that’s for sure. And if you follow my “adventures” on instagram, you know how it went: numerous test knits, plenty of socks and a couple of designs.

My latest design, the Lehor socks.

One thing that I had in mind when I started to blog (admittedly, I haven’t been the most constant of bloggers, I don’t even consider myself a blogger, never planning my posts, and with my lack of consistency…) was that I wanted to use this platform to showcase (and get better at) my photography. Well, either I’m at a very self-critical phase, or I don’t think I have improved a lot in the area. Still, I keep searching for my “photogenic” voice, with mostly knitting as my subject.

I photograph mostly knitting, but sometimes flowers too.

So, here I am, 3 years later, still the same old me, scientist by day, knitter by night. In essence, the same, but at the same time so changed. Does this mean that I’ll get back to amateur blogging? Who knows? In these uncertain times, I don’t dare promise anything, least of all such thing.

Still, for the sake of finding beauty in ordinary things, here’s a bunch of random stuff:

  • FOOD: I cooked chickpea curry for the first time ever (I followed this recipe -sorry it’s in Spanish-) and it’s a big deal, because I’m not a fan of spicy food, and this one I really enjoyed. No pictures from me. Food photography is hard.
  • PRETTY THINGS: Currently obsessed with the light in my studio today, and wearing Essie “with the band” on my nails (it’s the small things, and painting my nails gives me an instant boost of energy and will to photograph).
Afternoon light in my studio.
On my nails: essie “with the band” a toasted, spicy, light burgundy.
  • ON MY NEEDLES: A super secret design coming soon (already binding off the second version of “it”), a vest with leftover yarn of my Whitmoor Cardigan (a test knit), and socks (always socks).

And that’s it for today.

Han pasado más de tres años desde la última vez que publiqué algo en este blog. Nunca he sido una “bloguera” constante, de hecho, no me considero tal. Muchas cosas han cambiado en estos tres años, y otras, en esencia, se mantienen. Sigo siendo científica de día y ávida tejedora de noche. No tiene sentido intentar condensar 3 años de ausencia en un post, así que ni lo intento. Hablo un poco de cómo dejé de grabar podcasts, y de cómo sigo buscando mejroar mis habilidades fotográficas. Y acabo con cosas cotidianas que me hacen feliz: una receta de curry de garbanzos, la luz que entra ahora mismo en mi estudio, las uñas pintadas que me ponen contenta y me animan a desempolvar la cámara y las cosas secretas que tengo en mis agujas. Hasta pronto (espero).

Swapetines III (semana 5)

(English below)

DSC_7868 (1)

Hoy por fin vuelvo a encontrar un ratito para poder actualizar el blog, y te informo, querida Swapetina mía, que tus calcetines están… ¡acabados! De hecho, he empezado otros nada más liberar las agujas… ¿Quién sabe? Igual al final hasta me lo pienso y estos me los quedo para mí…

Aquí te dejo un festival de fotos, porque son tan bonitos y los voy a echar tanto de menos, que no me canso de fotografiar cada uno de sus detalles…

DSC_7852 (1)DSC_7850 (1)DSC_7866 (1)DSC_7870 (1)DSC_7875 (1)DSC_7878 (1)

Toda la información acerca de la lana y el patrón la puedes encontrar en el post anterior, pero si tienes alguna duda más no dudes en preguntarme.

Finally today I found a little time to update the blog and make a proper post. I inform my dear *Secret Sock Santa* (aka Swapetine) that her socks are… finished! Off the needles, ends weaved in, blocked and all. Actually, I just cast on another pair as soon as the needles were free… Who knows? I might end up re-thinking it and keep these for myself…

Above here I leave you a plethora of pictures, because they are so pretty (if I may say so myself) and I’m going to miss them so much, that I can’t get enough of photographing each one of their details…

All the information about the yarn and pattern used can be found in the previous post, but if you have any other doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

DSC_7864 (1)